Choosing the Right eCommerce Product Slider for Your Shopify Store

Sep 22, 2023

Choosing the Right eCommerce Product Slider for Your Shopify Store


FoxSell offers two types of eCommerce Product Sliders to help you showcase your products and increase sales: Custom Product Slider and Best Seller Slider. In this help document, we will guide you through the features of each slider and recommend when to use each one, so you can make an informed decision based on your store's needs.

Custom Product Slider

The Custom Product Slider allows you to handpick the products you want to display in a slider. This slider is best suited for when you want to:

  1. Showcase new arrivals: Use the Custom Product Slider to highlight recently added products and give them more visibility on your store's homepage or other landing pages.

  2. Promote seasonal or limited-time offers: If you have products that are available only for a short period or are related to a specific season or holiday, you can use this slider to draw customers' attention to them.

  3. Feature products from specific categories or collections: If you want to focus on a particular product category or a curated collection, you can use the Custom Product Slider to showcase those products exclusively.

  4. Highlight products based on a theme or trend: If you notice a trend or a theme among your products, you can create a Custom Product Slider to display products related to that trend, helping customers find products that align with their interests.

Best Seller Slider

The Best Seller Slider automatically adds the best-selling products in the slider based on their sales. This slider is ideal for when you want to:

  1. Showcase your most popular products: By highlighting your best-selling products, you can leverage social proof and encourage customers to purchase products that are already popular among other shoppers.

  2. Encourage upselling and cross-selling: Displaying best-selling products can help you promote complementary products or higher-priced items, potentially increasing the average order value.

  3. Save time on manual curation: Since the Best Seller Slider updates automatically based on sales data, you can save time on manual product selection and focus on other aspects of managing your store.


In summary, use the Custom Product Slider when you want to curate the product selection based on specific criteria, such as new arrivals, seasonal offers, or trends. Use the Best Seller Slider when you want to showcase your most popular products and leverage social proof to increase sales. By choosing the right slider for your store's needs, you can create a more engaging shopping experience and ultimately boost your sales.

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