About Us

Prakhar's photo, cofounder of FoxSell

Prakhar Shrivastava

Co-founder & Engineer

Meet Prakhar, the tech whiz behind FoxSell! He's responsible for keeping our product ahead of the game. When he's not coding, he's jamming on his guitar or tinkling on his keyboard. But he's not just musically gifted – he's also consistent with his workouts and work ethic. When he's not building tech or playing music, he's catching up on Marvel movies or cheering on Manchester United. If you need fitness motivation or tech advice, Prakhar's your guy. Just don't interrupt his workout schedule!

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Adhithya's photo, cofounder of FoxSell

Adhithya Vijai

Co-founder & Designer

Meet Adhithya, FoxSell's design guru & growth hacker, responsible for our sleek product design. At 6'2, he's a sports enthusiast, dominating basketball, tennis & football courts. He loves speaking Hindi (not his first language) and will gladly translate. A fan of Lebron James, Adhithya enjoys making people smile by humming Bollywood tunes. While he's tough on the outside, he's a teddy bear at heart (shh, don't tell him we said this!). Be ready for his candid opinions on any topic!

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